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Module 1
This module introduces harvest head technology and provides the reader with an overview of the read more...
Module 2
Measurement and calibration
Timber measurement and calibration of the harvester head  
Module 3
Optimisation, changing pricelists and price matrices  
Module 4
Data transfer for mobile networks
Transfer stored data in a computer with a mobile phone   read more...
Module 5
Use of software
How to use administration software in the harvester read more..
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About The Harvesthead Project
Background to the Harvesthead project

European training module for harvesting head technology

The use of computer systems in the logistics of forestry harvesting operations and information supply to the sawmill is the focus of this two-year training development project. The training module improves awareness of the huge potential role of the forest harvester head unit and on-board computer system in timber measurement and information flow. Today, in Scandinavian countries a combination of currently available software and mobile communication systems enables computer aided decisions in the logistics of harvesting, optimisation of timber value and haulage strategies.

However, the lack of utilisation of this facility in many other European countries results in over-priced timber. The successful implementation of this project results in a greater competitive European wood industry on the world market.

The project involved a number partners in specific areas of forestry including: training, forestry contracting, forest management and machinery development. The training needs in the utilisation of harvesting heads were defined and a pilot short course was developed for use in the participating training organisations. The course was delivered to managers in the wood chain (forest to sawmill), machine operators and forestry students in initial training. The results of the course were analysed and the course was disseminated through the project partners and the Eurofortech network of partners and via an internet based forestry short course brokerage site.

The main project objective was to produce a training module in the use of the timber measurement and logistics using the forest harvesting head unit and computer software. A distance learning package with written information and a CD-ROM. The project was disseminated through the Eurofortech network.

This project was funded by the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci programme. The project involved a total of 13 partners from eight different countries; these comprise forestry training schools, industry and professional forestry associations.

Project Partnership:

InnovaWood (IRL)
Fachhochschule Rottenburg (DU
Centre de Formation Professionnelle Forestiere (FR)
Taivalkoski Forestry School (FIN
University College of Central Lancashire (UK)
Coillte Teoranta (IRL)
Timberjack Oy (FIN)
Lithuanian Forest Research Institute (LT)
Latvia University of Agriculture (LV)
Association of Romanian Foresters, (RO)
European Network of Forest Entrepreneurs (DU)
Forestry Contractors Association (UK)
CIRCA Group Europe Ltd (IRL