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This project is supported by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme for research.

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September 2005–February 2008 (30 months)



€596,341 (74% funded)


Project Co-ordinator:

Charles Harper / David Butler Manning

InnovaWood Ltd., Ireland


EU Programme Scientific Officer:

Costanza Calozari

InnovaWood Search Engine of Research Providers

Search Engine 

To use the InnovaWood search engine of research providers in the European forest-wood chain, just click on the map to the right.

More than 100 research organisations involved in various aspects of forestry and woodworking from throughout Europe are contained in the database, and can be searched by location and by research field.




The InnovaWood SSA - An Innovation Strategy to Integrate Industry Needs and Research Capabilities in the European Forest-Wood Chain




Welcome to InnovaWood SSA!


The Innovawood SSA is the “Specific Support Action” project, funded under the EU “Global change and ecosystems” research activitiy of the Sixth Framework Programme.


The Innovawood SSA will match industry needs and research capabilities through an integrated strategy for innovation in the European forest-wood chain.


This project represents an integrated approach to bridge the gap between all actors involved in the innovation process of the extended FWC, including the research provider community, public authorities, industrial federations and associations, producers and end-users, and especially SMEs.

SSA Consortium

The InnovaWood SSA project involves 14 partners in total, all of them with specific skills, roles and responsibilities in the project. It gathers together a very balanced mix of experts and practitioners representing research, education & training and industry. In this way, the critical mass of resources necessary for success has been mobilised.

SSA Features

In order to achieve its objectives the project will develop different tools, such as:

  • Contact databases of knowledge and skills producers in the provider community (EU-25) and of the industrial community (EU-25);
  • Surveys in 25 European countries to set up the provider community’s capability database and the industrial community’s needs database;
  • Interactive database analyses to bridge the gap between the provider community’s capabilities and the operational needs of industry in the enlarged European FWC;
  • An integrated strategy for innovation;
  • Enhanced communication and dissemination tools.


For Project co-ordination and Web portal contact: Innovawood 107 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2, Tel.+353 1 6763181, office@innovawood.com